Our Chamber

Mission Statement:

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce shall promote activities and identify solutions that meet member needs and enhance the business climate and economic well–being of the Quincy Area.

In 1887, a group of local businessmen banded together to improve the business climate in Quincy. The goals of the organization were to “stimulate and foster… in every proper way… the commercial and manufacturing interests of the city, and at all times, and every place, to promote her prosperity and growth by all means within our power, both as an association and as individuals.”

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce is different in many ways from the Young Men’s Business Association founded in 1887. Still, at our core, we remain the organization our forefathers created…working to ADVOCATE, CONNECT, PROMOTE, and PROSPER our business community in sustainable ways.

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 600 companies and their employees. We exist for business success and the current and future excellent quality of life for a viable community.


Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce board and staff will be guided by these core values:







Our Strategic goals are: 


Community Enrichment

Diversity & Inclusion