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The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute is designed to assist current and emerging leaders in the dynamics of the Quincy area community and the role leadership has in building a healthy community. The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute expands your network and develops leadership perspectives through community exposure and engagement.

Mission: For participants to enhance their leadership skills, grow their professional network, and be immersed in the community.


  • Cultivating leadership potential and awareness.
  • Educating participants about civic and service operations and opportunity.
  • Develop leadership skills and form beneficial professional relationships.
  • Mentoring to encourage emerging and existing leaders to embrace the opportunity to improve their community.
  • Embrace the opportunity to expand their involvement in community affairs and be open to exploring and assuming new leadership responsibilities.

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Benefits & Value

For Participants

Participants will receive a broad-based education about the community while developing a valuable communications network among civic, business, and educational leaders.  They also develop the personal and professional skills that increase their effectiveness within their community and business environments.

For the Community

The Quincy area benefits from the development of a source of high-quality leaders with broadened perspectives prepared to address issues critical to the areas future.

For the Business Community

Businesses whose employees participate in the QACC Leadership Institute benefit not only from the graduates’ newfound knowledge of the city’s inner workings, but also from the development of the personal skills that increase their effectiveness in the professional environment.


The 9-month program exposes rising leaders to the past, present, and future of Quincy and beyond.  Participants will have unique access to inspiring leaders who share their passions and interact with the class.  The 2023-04 class will go behind the scenes at unique locations around the area and meet executives from leading businesses, civic organizations and non-profit organizations that are striving to meet community needs.


During the 9-month program participants attend a monthly half-day meeting 12 noon – 4:30p that typically will be on the second Tuesday of each month.  Additionally, activities such as community service, city, county or school board meeting attendance, networking event participation and learning about a local non-profit organization will be assigned.


As part of the program, the class will use their leadership, communications, and collaborative skills to complete a community project for a local non-profit to enhance the quality of life in the community.  The project is another catalyst in building strong relationships among the participants.


The class will be selected from a wide spectrum of the area’s population representing business, government, religion, minority groups, organizations, medical and other professional fields.


Tuition will be $950 for Chamber members and $1250 for non-Chamber members.  Tuition is due and non-refundable for accepted participants by Sept 1, 2023.  Tuition includes meals, materials, speakers, site visits and final graduation.


The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce will award one (1) $475 scholarship each to the following areas:

  • Small Business Scholarship- Covers up to 50% of tuition. Eligible candidates are small businesses or entrepreneurs who live or work in Adams County. Small businesses are defined as businesses with 30 employees or less.
  • Non-Profits or Government- Covers up to 50% of tuition. Non-Profits are defined as charitable 501 c(3) or 501 c(6). Government is defined as elected officials or government (city, county, state, or federal) employees.


Selection committee looks for participants who demonstrate:

  • Commitment and motivation to serve the Quincy area.
  • Ability to commit to the time and dates required by the program.
  • Represent a cross-section of business, non-profits, and units of government, professions, ages, cultural perspectives, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Commitment to volunteerism impacting the community.
  • Demonstrates leadership through their work and service.
  • Promising young executives, new managers, new to the area and individuals who want to make the Quincy area a better place to live.


Currently applications are closed.

We will be accepting applications for the 2024-25 class in June 2024.



(Lunch provided, optional social hour 4:30-5:30p)

Locations TBD

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Program Orientation

Launching your leadership journey – Speed Networking – DISC Workshop

Overview of the program

OCTOBER 10, 2023

How we got here. The strong foundation of Quincy’s history

Understanding of Quincy’s History

Strong foundation this community was built on

What is your leadership foundation?

Class project discussion

NOVEMBER 14, 2023

Navigating Civic Issues

Meet local officials and learn how you address issues in your community

Understand the diverse needs of our community

Where is my community service passion?

DECEMBER 12, 2023

The Impact of Agri-Business and Manufacturing on the Region

(encompasses, various aspects of agricultural production, processing, and distribution)

How agriculture impacts my life?

Family Farms to Major Employers

JANUARY 9, 2024

The Future of Business: The Transformative Impact of Technology

How to utilize technology (AI, social media, etc) for your benefit

Business Strategy/Technology

FEBRUARY 13, 2024

Workforce Evolution: The dynamic, diverse, and evolving workforce.

Team development and conflict resolution (Build teams people want to be on, and it takes care of the retention and recruitment issues)

Promoting wellness: Strategies for a Healthy Community

MARCH 12, 2024

What do I want to be known for?

The power of media and communication

Personal Brand

Board Training

APRIL 9, 2024

Extreme Ownership: The Real Life of an Entrepreneur

What does ownership look like: on my team, in my company, of my life

Impact of small business on the tri-state

MAY 14, 2024

Graduation Ceremony 

Class Project Presentation

** Class schedule subject to change

For more information or questions contact Bruce Guthrie, President/CEO at or 217-222-7980.

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