Why Join the Chamber?

The Chamber is an organization of businesses seeking to further our business community interest. When you join the Chamber, you join an organization that proactively looks for ways to enhance our community. We do not stop at networking events- there is more to today’s Chamber. We expect it to continue to evolve, and our staff is consistently looking for relevant ways to enhance our business community.

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to being our business community’s voice and partner, providing personal and professional growth opportunities,  promoting our members, and providing local advertisement and visibility. The Chamber is at the forefront, encouraging our community to shop, eat, and have fun locally!

The Chamber is not a political or government entity, and we do not endorse national or local candidates of any office. However, the chamber board of directors will take a pro-business legislation position and oppose legislation/policies that negatively impact our member’s businesses at the state and local levels. Additionally, the Chamber hosts our local government officials and business members, providing our members the space to engage, ask questions, and build relationships with one another.

Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce works closely with the local government to bring the businesses’ concerns to the forefront. In the last three years, we have been vital in supporting the Quincy Strategic Plan and the 45X30 plan; both are essential to workforce development, retention, and talent attraction.

We are committed to our members! If you are not a Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce member, visit our website and take a more in-depth look at how we serve our community.