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The Chamber Connection Blog Series

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce brings you The Chamber Connection blog series in partnership with our investors. Learn more about our investors as we ask and they answer topics on leadership, small & large business, entrepreneurship, and our community.

Benefits of Joining

Employers benefit from sending their younger employees to the Young Professionals of Quincy because they will strengthen and develop skills that make them more valuable employees, their morale will improve and they will feel appreciated by their employer.

Meeting new people and developing new business opportunities

Expanding your network of business contacts

Increasing your visibility through attendance and participation

Unique volunteer opportunities

Strengthening your teamwork skills by joining a committee

Strengthening your leadership skills by serving as a committee or executive board chair

Broadening your knowledge base and skills through useful programs and presentations, including learning from both your peers and more experienced professionals.

Young Professionals of Quincy Sponsor 2021

Gem of the Gem City

The Young Professionals of Quincy founded the Gem of the Gem City recognition award in January of 2020. This program features individuals that are making a significant impact in our community. The categories measured are engagement, service, and leadership.

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