ADM Alliance Nutrition

ADM Alliance Nutrition

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), with global headquarters in Decatur, Illinois and four plants in Quincy, including Chamber member ADM Alliance Nutrition, is one of the largest agricultural processors in the world. With more than 265 processing plants and 330 sourcing facilities throughout the world, ADM is a vital link between farmers and consumers; converting corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into products for food, feed and fuels.

ADM Alliance Nutrition, located at 1000 N 30th Street is the animal nutrition division of ADM.

“Today’s livestock are leaner than in past decades. Because of this the feed they consume must be formulated to provide maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost,” says President Terry Myers. “Our products are designed to meet these needs and to maximize the animals genetic performance. All of these factors ultimately impact the quality and potentially the price of the meat the consumer purchases.”

Research is fundamental at ADM.

“Every new product is research-proven before it is introduced into the marketplace,” says Myers. “Before any new product is commercialized it is tested in our full-line feed manufacturing pilot plant for flow ability, quality and handling characteristics. If necessary, we then conduct feeding trials at our Mendon, IL research facility. This operation is designed to perform basic research and collaborates not only with ADM’s overall research program but also with several ag departments at several large universities throughout the US.”  The Mendon location includes  440 acres and 10  environmentally controlled buildings that are designed to be used for basic livestock testing, commodity bays and feed mixing equipment for developing new rations from co-products derived from oilseed processing operations.

Alliance Nutrition is comprised of what were once several independent livestock feed companies with histories going back as far as the 1800’s. Moorman Manufacturing, with roots in Quincy dating back to 1910,  and Consolidated Nutrition were merged in 2001 and produce high quality animal feed and feed ingredients for poultry, swine, beef and many other specialty species. In addition they also manufacture pre-mix rations that contain essential vitamins and trace minerals that are fundamental to the efficient feeding of  today’s livestock. They also service the ever growing pet food needs by blending many different ingredients that are necessary to meet dog and cat nutritional needs.

“ADM believes in using the entirety of the raw products we purchase,” says Myers. “ We are constantly researching new ways to use the by-products that processors may consider nonessential to their product streams. We work with ADM processing operations ADM oilseeds, Refinery and Stratus Foods group that are also located in Quincy to maximize the use of all components of the grains they process.  Their finished products are distributed throughout the US and to many global locations by using the many modes of transportation that are available in Quincy.”

Alliance Nutrition  also believes it must grow and expand its business both domestically and internationally.

“We recently acquired Cattlemen’s Choice Loomix located in the western part of the US.  This provides us with an entry into the liquid feed supplements market in an area where we have very little market share. In May, we started up our second pre-mix plant in China. Today we are reviewing opportunities to match up with some of ADM’s growth plans in other parts of the world.”

“While we are a global company, we also know the importance of supporting and developing our local communities,” continues Myers. ADM recognizes the value and needs of each community they live and work in.

“When ADM formed its ADM Cares Program last year, we teamed up with the oilseeds group and Stratus Foods to make sure all our colleagues understood that, as a team, we can make a bigger difference. Through their efforts, we were able to contribute $160,000 into the community last year at a time when the need could not have been greater.

“We are also very proud of our mentoring program with Ellington School and the opportunity it provides our colleagues to give back to the community. Our association with the United Way,  Red Cross and other agencies provides growth experiences for both our colleagues and these organizations. Our colleagues and their beliefs are what makes ADM a leader in its industry.”

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