Adjustin Chiropractic

Adjustin Chiropractic

“Adjustin Chiropractic is not like any other chiropractic clinic in the Quincy area. Adjustin Chiropractic is a total wellness center devoted to helping you get your life back by making healthy choices one day at a time,” said Dr. Justin Felsman, owner.

Dr. J integrates chiropractic adjustments  with rehabilitation exercises, decompression, nutrition and supplement advice, fitness classes, massage and other soft tissue techniques, and acupuncture. The clinic also offers digital x-ray, which gives the distinct advantage of allowing Dr. J the ability to know where to adjust, and more importantly, where not to.

Dr. J always knew he wanted to work in a health and fitness-related field and has always had a passion for helping people make healthy decisions.  He’s passionate about helping people live better lives.

“It’s not just about getting people out of pain; it’s about helping them improve their lives. I have patients who cannot do things that they need to do or enjoy doing, but after treatment they can. I love helping people achieve their goals. That is very rewarding to me and them,” he said.

If you are ready to get back to living your life, then don’t hesitate and call Adjustin Chiropractic at (217) 214-4440. For more details on services provided, visit Adjustin Chiropractic online at The office, located at 4440 Broadway, is open from 8 – noon and 2 – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Dr. J’s got your back!