AdForce Advertising Agency

AdForce Advertising Agency

Marybeth Swigart, owner and president of AdForce Advertising Agency, believes in distribution of duties.

“We help our clients develop well-defined marketing strategies,” she says. “They let us do what we do best…and that gives them time and flexibility to do what they do best: run their business!”

Opened in 1999, AdForce is the only local advertising agency that had prior experience in television, radio and print before opening their doors.  They provide a full range of services, from designing marketing plans to negotiating rates and placing buys with media to managing advertising invoices and processing co-op.  AdForce also provides new media strategies such as full-service web development, e-mail marketing programs and social media that includes Facebook, Twitter and QR codes.  AdForce websites incorporate industry-leading search engine optimization strategies and top-of-the-line functionality.

“As a full-service advertising agency, we do all our own television, radio & print production,” says Swigart. “Having all creative processes in-house allows us to ensure that a client’s brand image is consistent.”

“Our television commercials feature a big-market look at a small-market price,” she continues. “We not only use professional equipment and Hollywood-standard editing suites, but we have the best professional talent and experience in the area.” AdForce won an international competition for the “Best Pepsi Television Promotion” in 2007.

Adforce uses the latest software programs–from HTML5 and CSS to Flash and JavaScript, and content management systems such as ModX or Word Press –to design websites that combine simplistic design and sleek graphics while maintaining functionality.

“Our clients count on us to make their websites customer-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Some clients also want websites that they can maintain themselves, with a secure administrative control panel built right in,” says Swigart.

Adforce’s vast experience in the print field includes everything from brochures and print ads to full feature magazines. Their creative department can also develop company logos that enhance brand recognition and make sure that a company’s image stands out above its competitors.

“We employ many tried and true strategies for logo design that have been developed by creative individuals with years of experience,” says Swigart. “All of our clients come to us because they know that the logo we create will best represent their professional goals as a business. We make a professional, enduring, sharp logo that increases a company’s market worth.”

Swigart’s team includes Marketing Consultants Christina Wilson and Tracy Genebacher, Graphic Designer Sara Coovert, Creative Media Producer Chris Vlasvich, Office Manager Ashley Loos, Sales Assistant Kathryn Davis and a web and social media team headed by John Hamann.

If you are ready for your business to grow, visit with the AdForce Team at its new location, 5425 S. 24th Street, visit, or call (217) 223-2172.