Adecco Employment Services

Adecco Employment Services

Whether a company is replacing an employee or expanding its workforce, there’s more to consider than just salary costs, according to Cheryl Liggett, branch manager for Adecco Employment Services.

“The cost of a hire can be 1.25 to 1.4 times the employees’ annual wages. Companies must remember to include benefits, orientation and training costs, on top of recruitment costs,” she says. “The higher the level of employee, the higher the cost. Selecting the right employee for that open position is crucial.”

Located at 1891 Maine Street, Suite 4, Adecco Employment Services has been helping companies find the right employees for more than 30 years in the Quincy area. Formed in 1996 with the merger of Adia and Ecco staffing agencies, Adecco is now a global company with more than 5,500 branches in 60 countries around the world. Former owners Bob and Sandy Fluent brought the franchise to Quincy in the early 1980s.

“Through the local branches, we are small enough to really get to know our clients and what they need in an employee, but our organization is quite large,” says Liggett. “If we cannot find a local person with the necessary skills, we can draw from a regional pool out of our St. Louis office or a national or even global pool of candidates.

“Every job seeker applies to our company online, so the database can be filtered and sorted in a variety of ways to speed the process,” she continues.

Adecco offers three levels of service to companies.

The Temporary Hire fulfills an immediate need for workers for a short period of time. This need could be generated by a one-time production order, a vacation or a maternity leave. Because they have a pre-screened pool of local candidates at their fingertips, Liggett and her staff can often fill this need the next day.

The Temporary to Permanent Hire is a “try-before-you-buy” offer, according to Liggett. For a period of time, the company is allowed to assess the new employee’s skill set, work ethic and personality fit before deciding whether or not to hire the employee permanently. During the introductory period, the worker is actually paid through Adecco.

The Professional Development/Direct Hire process eliminates a company’s involvement in the hiring process until the top three candidates are identified. Adecco staff members place the advertisements, network with industry competitors and vendors, and search for candidates in their own database. A pool of prospective employees must pass skills assessment tests, multiple interviews and background and reference checks. The top three candidates are then presented to the company for the final interview process.

“When a company wants to hire the best person in the market for a certain position, this is the route they often take,” says Liggett, “because we guarantee a good match. The company pays our office only when they have found the person they wish to hire. We have to make a match.”

Liggett believes that the human resources field will only become more complex and costly with the federal healthcare law regulations beginning in 2014 and the already difficult rules enforced by the State of Illinois. When the hiring process gets too burdensome for a company, the Adecco staff is ready to help.

For more information, visit or call Liggett at 217-223-5200.