When AAIM began its association in St. Louis in 1898 and when the Employers’ Association (EA) began its association in Peoria in 1917, people had never even heard of the term “human resources,” but the need for employee-related resources was there.  In 2009, AAIM and EA merged and now provide human resources (HR) services to more than 1,600 member organizations.

“Our members represent a cross-section of industries including professional services, retail, distribution, medical, construction, entertainment, manufacturing and not-for-profit and range in size from ten employees to tens of thousands of employees,” said Kim Grothaus, Regional Manager of AAIMEA. “If you have even one employee you are involved in HR…whether you want to be or not!”

Many business leaders today realize HR can play an important role in helping to improve performance and reduce costs.  In recent years, the human resources profession has evolved from an administrative to an operational, and finally, to a strategic role. As these changes occur, new responsibilities are being added to HR departments and some HR functions may be outsourced to reduce costs or gain access to specialized capabilities. A particularly challenging part of HR for companies today is employment law, which is constantly changing.

AAIMEA is an association that offers resources to companies dealing with employees. What can AAIMEA do for your business?

“We provide a wide range of HR support to our member organizations,” said Grothaus. “This can range from the Member Answer Center where more than 15,000 questions are answered each year, software systems which include forms, checklists, employee handbooks, legal updates and other necessary information, or organizational surveys and workplace learning offerings that help improve employee productivity, performance and engagement. AAIMEA also supports employers with strategic planning, succession planning, talent management, total rewards, coaching and team building.”

AAIMEA periodically holds training courses in Quincy and has recently established an HR roundtable for Quincy area businesses. Their biggest event, the annual Strategic Directions Conference, will be held in Peoria on Wednesday, Oct. 20, and will feature Dan Heath, best-selling author of Made to Stick and Switch.

Whether it is total management of your HR function or simply helping fill an open position, AAIMEA can alleviate the pressures on today’s HR departments through its array of services.  The AAIMEA team works with your team to develop the best approach to fit your needs.

For more information, call Kim at (877) 850-0505, send her an email at kim.grothaus@aaimea.org or visit www.aaimea.org. More information on the Strategic Directions Conference is available at www.strategicdirectionsconference.com.