Chamber announces small business program

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce is offering more than $10,000 in a grant for entrepreneurs this year.

The Small Business Program includes the business plan grant, small business mentors, workshops, and other resources. The Small Business Program is the umbrella over the Business Plan Grant Program.

“This year, we wanted to do more than simply offer a grant to entrepreneurs in Adams County. We want to be certain we provide each applicant with a plethora of resources as they begin—and continue—their journey toward owning their businesses. We have a team of professionals with a wide variety of experience who are committed to meeting with anyone who applies for the grant,” said Alta King, communications specialist of the Chamber.

Each applicant will be required to meet with a mentor as part of the process. This requirement gives each applicant a professional who can give them insight into what it takes to own and run a business. Applicants will be paired with mentors based on where they are in the process of starting their businesses and developing their business plans.

The purpose of the Business Plan Grant Program is to foster new business initiatives as well as business expansions in Adams County. Applications must include business plans, and a committee will review each plan on concept and innovation, viability, and economic impact. If an applicant doesn’t receive a grant, the applicant will receive feedback from the committee to improve their business plans.

Another aspect of the Small Business Program are workshops that will be geared toward small business owners and anyone wanting to start a business. The workshops will be developed by a committee of business professionals.

For more information on the Small Business Program, call Executive Director Latonya Brock or Communications Specialist Alta King at (217) 222-7980.