Chamber supports Quincy Public Schools referendum

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors supports the Quincy Public Schools referendum. This is the text of the letter sent to QPS:

“On behalf of the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, please accept this letter of support for the Quincy Public Schools Referendum.

The Chamber is a pro-business organization and understands that unnecessary taxes are a burden to our business community, which is our number one priority.  The Chamber Board hosted forums for our membership to be informed and provide feedback.

The Board supports the QPS referendum because we believe that it is in the best interest of our community and our local businesses to ensure a quality education for our students. A top-notch educational system is critical to the success of Quincy, as education is a key factor in workforce development, population retention, and talent attraction. 

Learning from QPS officials that our schools are struggling to attract and retain professional staff; we realize that funds are needed.  We trust the leadership and transparency of QPS, including the communication that the funds of the referendum do not support the building fund.  

The Chamber acknowledges that challenges remain.  We will not always support increasing revenue through taxation.  We believe that the current administration has made cuts while striving to meet the requirements forced upon them by law.

It is the opinion of Chamber Board that in today’s environment, the most prudent action is to support this referendum.


On behalf of the Chamber Board

Latonya Brock

Executive Director”