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After 175 years, Quincy is a modern and progressive city in the heart of a large and fertile agricultural area.

We have a diverse business community, made up of hundreds of small companies, global manufacturers and nonprofit agencies. More than 40 percent of our businesses are owned by women.

Cost of living for our 40,000+ residents is lower than in the big cities. More than 60% of our residents own their homes; the average price of a single-family dwelling is $141,000. Fiber connection to the internet is available for both commercial and residential properties.

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Our workforce is strong. Twenty-four percent of our population age 25 and older have bachelor degrees or higher, and the average household income is more than $60,000 per year. Nearly 10% of our population are minorities.

Wide tree-lined streets and historic homes remind visitors of days gone by. Parks are within proximity to all residential areas, and travel to anywhere in the city can take place in only 15 minutes. Strong public and private school systems and churches of every faith support family life. The fine arts are appreciated and cultivated. Here, residents have the best of both worlds: access to most of the amenities of the big city with the safety, work ethic and more relaxed pace of smaller town living.

Patriotism runs through our blood. Quincy proudly boasts of having the largest Veterans Homes in the state of Illinois. Caring for nearly 600 residents from all over the state, the facility is a community unto itself. The home provides medical, recreational, religious and social services for its residents. The grounds, including the Al Wars Museum and deer park, are open to the public.

Quincy area residents are also strong supporters of the Honor Flight program, where veterans are flown to Washington DC for a day to visit historical sites. To date, 38 flights, fully funded by volunteer contributions, have sent nearly 1,200 area veterans to our nation’s capitol for a day they will never forget.

And, we are busy people!

Lining up puttQuincy area residents are active volunteers no matter what their age. International organizations such as Altrusa, Exchange, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimists and Rotary, have active service clubs in our area. Nearly 200 other associations allow residents to share their passions. We have clubs for duck hunters, needle workers, animal lovers, all kinds of car enthusiasts, writers, rock lovers, Bridge players, water skiers, Friends of the Library, lovers of model trains and so many more. And, if we don’t have a group that shares your hobby, you can start one!

Nothing to do? Not in Quincy! We have a raceway, nearby county fairgrounds, a summer collegiate baseball team called the Quincy Gems and five golf courses. Civil War re-enactments take place in our Riverview Park, local farmers bring their goods to sell at the Farmers Market, visitors can feed the ducks that live in South Park, and the Quincy Park Band provides musical entertainment every week during the summer months. In addition, local restaurants host live bands on the weekends throughout the year, and we have community festivals almost every weekend in the summer!

Visitors to our community routinely comment on our hospitality and the collaboration that exists among our many organizations. Quincy is the kind of place where going the extra mile is an everyday thing. Neighbors are there for each other…right on cue.